Elementary School «20 de Noviembre» Project

Municipal Government 2018-2021


The city of El Grullo and PCL Construction are collaborating and joining efforts to better school infrastructure. Teachers and students of El Grullo need your help!

From the MAYOR

My name is Monica Marin and I am the current mayor of the city of El Grullo, Jalisco. It has always been my desire to make a tangible and lasting impact on my city. From the start, my team and I have envisioned assisting our city’s young minds for a bright future of our society. A significant part of that vision is to improve our elementary schools’ infrastructure since their current conditions aren’t the most ideal. Unfortunately, there are many schools in our area that lack the proper educational facilities on account of the shortage of funds. These conditions directly impact the students’ performance since the existing overcrowded and stressful environment is affecting their learning capabilities.

We have an opportunity to see this vision take shape by helping a prominent elementary school named 20 de noviembre located in our community of Ayuquila; however, we are in need of funds for this project. This project can make a remarkable change in the intellectual make-up of the students at this school; there are many bright students studying here, sadly, from a poor financial background. 

I request you to kindly join hands with us to help us make this project a success.

About the SCHOOL and the PROJECT

The elementary school 20 de noviembre, founded in 1970, currently has 130 students enrolled, originally from the city of El Grullo. 

It has been characterized as a school of quality and excellence, being one of the best on a regional level. Much of the success is due to the teachers’ great commitment and parents’ support. Because of this, the events that are held are becoming increasingly renowned due to the talent and work that students reflect with their participation. More people want to enjoy the events, but the school merely has a small classroom where only the students and the occasional guests fit. The school is in need of a larger space. 

The project consists in designing and building a roof for the school’s courtyard. This way an open theater could be used and the courtyard would serve as an esplanade, allowing the entire community to attend cultural, reading and recreational events.

The school would benefit in all aspects, especially with the outdoor activities, such as physical education, music, and dance, among others, where parents, authorities and students can participate.

Transparency & Efficiency

We know that you care about how effectively your donation is being used. That's why we will show you how you made a difference, and how grateful the students and teachers are!

We'll be updating this page with photos of the project and the construction to let you know how your donations have helped us.

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